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Celebrating Women's History Month: The Inspirational Journey of Her Allies

Updated: Mar 29

In honor of Women's History Month, local Bay Area news outlet KTVU featured Her Allies, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women on their journey back to the workforce. This spotlight provided a unique opportunity for Her Allies to extend its reach and connect with a wider audience, a development that founder Tabitha Paturi and her team deeply appreciated. The chance to share their mission with the esteemed Emmy award-winning news anchor Sal Castaneda was an added honor that underscored the significance of their work and its impact during this celebratory month.

The Genesis of Her Allies

The inception of Her Allies was prompted by a conversation that would change the course of Tabitha's life and the lives of many women. A friend's decision to remain in an abusive marriage due to the lack of financial independence highlighted a profound issue: the formidable obstacles women face when attempting to re-enter the workforce. This revelation, coupled with the realization that a significant percentage of women were struggling to return to work due to COVID-induced stay-at-home conditions, spurred Tabitha into action. Together with former colleagues from Yahoo, Vicki Yang, Kim Tanaka, and Michelle Paganucci, they founded Her Allies to empower women seeking to restart their careers.

How Her Allies Supports Women

Her Allies is designed to be a beacon of support for women, offering a range of programs to facilitate their return to the workforce. Through workshops on resume writing, interview preparation, and compensation negotiation, along with a new six-month cohort model, the organization aims to reskill and upskill women. This cohort model fosters a community environment where participants can engage in knowledge sharing, mentorship, and peer support, enhancing their journey toward career revitalization.

Empowering Through Networking

At its core, Her Allies strives to empower women by providing them with a professional network equipped to support their career-rebuilding efforts. Recognizing the value of having a robust network in securing employment opportunities, Her Allies focuses on offering mentorship, resume reviews, mock interviews, and LinkedIn profile critiques. This approach has proven effective not only in helping women find jobs but also in boosting their confidence and self-belief, enabling them to redefine their professional narratives.

The Impact of Her Allies

The work of Her Allies is crucial in reducing the challenges faced by women with employment gaps on their resumes. By assisting these women in re-entering the workforce, the organization contributes to increasing female representation in the workforce and, ultimately, in leadership positions. The impact of Her Allies can be as transformative as restoring a woman's self-confidence and empowering her to take control of her career path.

Giving Back to Her Allies

As a 100% volunteer-based organization, Her Allies thrives on the support of its community. Individuals can contribute to its mission through volunteering in the cohort program, participating in committees, and fundraising. Financial donations are particularly valuable as they enable the organization to continue supporting an ever-growing number of women. Volunteers play a crucial role in mentoring, conducting resume and LinkedIn profile reviews, and facilitating mock interviews, thereby directly impacting the lives of women seeking to re-enter the workforce.

As Her Allies continues to make strides in empowering women during Women's History Month and beyond, the spotlight from KTVU is a testament to the importance of their work. To learn more about Tabitha and Her Allies' impactful mission, visit Her Allies and explore the inspiring stories of women who have been supported by this remarkable organization.

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