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Overcoming Barriers to Re-entering the Workforce: Tips for Women

Re-entering the workforce can be a challenging process, especially for women who have taken a career break. Barriers appear, such as discrimination, outdated skills, and lack of confidence, which can make it difficult to find meaningful employment. However, with the right strategies and resources, women can overcome these and successfully continue down their career path.

Tip 1: Address Gaps in Skills and Knowledge

One of the biggest barriers to re-entering the workforce is outdated skills and knowledge. This can be especially true for women who have taken a career break for several years. To overcome this barrier, it’s important to address gaps in skills and knowledge through education, training, and informational interviews. Taking courses or participating in training programs can help people regain the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their desired fields. Look for articles and webinars that talk about what’s new and what’s happened in the years away from the job.

Tip 2: Network and Build Connections

Another key strategy for re-entering the workforce is to network and build connections. This includes reaching out to former colleagues, attending industry events, and connecting with people through social networks, like LinkedIn. Building and maintaining professional relationships can be an effective way for women to overcome barriers to re-entering the workforce. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and the 1-2 things someone should know about the workplace right now.

Tip 3: Seek Out Support and Resources

Re-entering the workforce can be a challenging and isolating experience, especially for women who may face additional barriers such as discrimination and bias. Therefore, it is important to seek out support and resources to help navigate the job search process. There are a variety of resources available for women who are re-entering the workforce, including job training programs (try searching for returnships), mentorship programs, and women’s networking groups like Her Allies. These resources can provide women with the tools and support they need to overcome barriers and find meaningful employment.

Tip 4: Address Bias and Discrimination

Unfortunately, women who have taken a career break may face bias and discrimination when re-entering the workforce. This can include unconscious bias from hiring managers, as well as systemic barriers such as the gender pay gap. To address bias and discrimination, it is important for women to advocate for themselves and their rights. This can include negotiating salaries and benefits, speaking out against discrimination, and seeking out allies and mentors who can help support their career goals. Collect data points from websites and colleagues about what market pay and benefits look like; a site like Fairy Godboss can help with that.

Tip 5: Prioritize Self-Care and Well-Being

Re-entering the workforce can be a stressful and overwhelming experience, and it’s important for women to prioritize self-care and well-being throughout the process. This includes taking breaks, setting boundaries, and seeking support from friends and family. Self-care can help women build confidence and reduce stress, which can improve their chances of success. One way to do this is to create a routine, block out time like you would if it were a meeting, and ensure you get it done.

Re-entering the workforce can be a challenging process, but with the right strategies and resources, women can overcome barriers and find meaningful employment. In the meantime, Her Allies is here to offer you assistance and get you the help you need to continue along your career journey!

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