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Her Allies 2023 Kick-Off Empowers Women's Career Re-Launch

Connecting Allies, Building Networks, and Driving Positive Change

Her Allies kicked off 2023 with a networking event focused on connecting women who are rebooting their career with allies. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to reboot your career or are offering help, the event was a great success in helping people create connections.

Her Allies has a clear vision to change the future of women in the workplace by providing a strong network of allies to support them in their career journey. The board of directors is composed of Tabitha Paturi, Michelle Paganucci, Victoria Yang, and Kim Capps Tanaka, with each holding various leadership positions across top organizations. Honorary advisors include Olga Braylovskiy, Hugh Molotsi, Cynthia Owyoung, Bhargavi Wadhwa, Kristen Robinson, Sarah Semprez, Lindsey Langley-Liboreiro, and Melissa Burghardt, all of whom are professionals with vast experience in their respective fields.

Her Allies offers various programs to support women. The primary program is Reboot, which includes workshops and events that provide support in honing job search skills for women looking for specific areas of help during their career relaunch. This is run in tandem to the Her Allies' Network of Allies, which connects women looking to re-launch their careers with allies and returners who will become their support system through their re-launch journey. These allies offer a network that provides support through mentorship, connections, and resume reviews.

Kristen Robinson, a Her Allies Board Director, Advisor, and Former Chief People Officer, hosted a break out session at the kick-off event. Kristen is perfect as an advisor based on her business executive with high tech leadership experience in general management, marketing, finance and human resources, including multiple Chief People Officer roles for over 15 years, most recently at Splunk. Of the session, she said,

“I really enjoyed the session and was really inspired by the folks in my break out group. I am always learning from the people I meet, even if they are much earlier in their career!”

Many people in her session were eager to continue the conversations beyond the break out sessions in future sessions.

For those looking to support Her Allies as volunteers, there are a variety of ways to do that. Allies can volunteer as program volunteers, resume reviewers, mock interviewers, HR coaches, subject matter experts, mentors, and networkers who work directly with and support job seekers. They can also join as committee volunteers to support the Board members and programs by working on marketing, fundraising, and program development.

The success of Her Allies is evident in the returners and volunteers' feedback, with Stephanie Pisani, a returner, stating that

“Her Allies was a wonderful resource for me to connect with people and gain insights. I don't know if I'd have gotten the job I got as quickly as I did without Her Allies.”

Melissa Burghardt, an advisor and volunteer, praised Her Allies for being

“such a supportive community inviting us all to give, receive, and grow together. Kudos to the Her Allies leaders for creating this space. With it, we are all stronger.”

Liz Miller, a marketing committee volunteer, emphasized the critical importance of mentorship, guidance, resources, and support for all women to have a successful re-entry and accomplish their professional goals, stating,

“Her Allies has given me a way to volunteer remotely to help empower other women. I love being able to work with a global network of fabulous women to help other women thrive.”

Many advisors and volunteers like Lindsey Langley-Liboreiro, know the importance of these resources through personal experiences. She stated,

“Supporting Her Allies and the mission to provide women the resources they need to re-enter the workforce is a privilege and honor. Needing this resource myself several years ago, I think it is critical that all women have access to mentorship, guidance, resources, and support to have a successful re-entry and accomplish their professional goals.”

Her Allies is a network of fabulous women empowering other women to thrive. The organization encourages its members to share their experiences and insights by asking questions such as

‘What's one piece of advice you wish you had gotten earlier?’ and ‘When have you felt the least powerful?’

The event last week provided networking time to help participants find answers to their questions and build connections. The Her Allies 2023 Kick-Off event was a huge success, providing an empowering platform for women looking for a corporate career reboot. The organization's vision, mission, and goal are clear and aimed at changing the future of women in the workplace. With a supportive community and strong network of allies, Her Allies is undoubtedly making a positive change and helping women thrive in their careers.

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