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From Rebranding to Empowering Women: Celina Aeri Ahn's Story with Her Allies

Celina Aeri Ahn is a digital marketing professional with a wealth of experience in various industries. Her love for messaging and women's empowerment has led her to volunteer with Her Allies, a non-profit organization that focuses on helping women get back into the workforce after a career break. In a recent interview, Celina shared her experience with Her Allies and what motivates her to continue volunteering her time and skills to the organization.

Celina first learned about Her Allies through a former colleague and friend, Michelle. After being recruited to help with social media and design, Celina soon became an integral part of the organization's rebranding project.

"My favorite part was the rebranding project, figuring out what the brand stood for, and helping with the design, color, and words. It was really fun," she says.

For Celina, working with Her Allies has been a particularly meaningful experience because of her personal struggles with job loss in the past.

"The most difficult part seemed to be that everything was difficult. I felt every time I didn't get a job, I was letting down all my friends and family, who were my support system, and myself," she says.

Her experiences have given her a unique perspective on the importance of Her Allies' mission to support women returning to the workforce after a career break.

Networks are important for everyone

Celina also emphasizes the importance of networking and having allies in the current job market, especially for women.

"It's the whole sense of networking and having allies that are important, especially with everything going on in the world," she says. "I feel like many women's rights have gone 1 step forward and 10 steps back, and we are worse off than we have been. Which is really sad if you think of our history, so it's really important to support each other."

One of the challenges of volunteering with Her Allies, according to Celina, is finding the time to work on projects outside of weekly meetings. However, she believes that the benefits of volunteering outweigh the challenges and encourages other women to get involved with Her Allies as well.

"I think all women should join Her Allies, not only those looking for a job or who have been let go," she says. "I think people in the industry who want to help others should join as a volunteer."

Looking to the future, Celina hopes to take on a mentorship role with Her Allies when she has more time. She's excited to see how the organization grows and to continue working with the amazing women who make up the Her Allies community.

"And, of course, one of the best parts has been the opportunity to meet other people who are also volunteering their time," she says.

Celina's dedication to Her Allies and her passion for women's empowerment is truly inspiring. Her experience as a digital marketing professional has been invaluable to the organization's rebranding project. Her personal experiences have given her a unique perspective on the importance of Her Allies' mission. We can all learn from Celina's example and find ways to use our skills and talents to support organizations that are making a difference in the world.

If you need career support or want to help other women as an ally, join the Her Allies network.

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