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Celebrating Vicki Yang: A Beacon of Support and Leadership at Her Allies

Updated: May 9

In honor of our volunteers, Her Allies is proud to feature Vicki Yang, a People Ops leader with over two decades of experience. Currently serving as a Fractional People Leader, Vicki has dedicated her career to crafting and refining human resources programs for startups, guiding companies with up to 500 employees toward success.

Vicki's journey into volunteering with Her Allies began with her foundational desire to be helpful. From her early days supporting low-income families and single mothers to leading Employee Resource Groups and the Women in Tech group at Yahoo, her career has been marked by a commitment to addressing the unique challenges women face in the workplace. As a cisgender Asian woman, she brings her insights into the struggles of non-men, making her a vital part of the Her Allies community. 

“I understand how important a support system can be in addressing those struggles. Throughout my career, I’ve supported and developed various programs to combat the systemic issues that can make it more difficult for women in the workplace. When the opportunity arose to support women specifically through programs and allyship, I was excited to be able to be helpful to more people,” said Vicki. 

To Vicki, Her Allies stands as a crucial network of support for women at various stages of their careers, especially those looking to re-enter the workforce. Her Allies' mission resonates deeply with her, focusing on building a system of allies that empower women throughout their professional journeys.

A Focus on Empowerment

One of the initiatives Vicki is most excited about is the Her Re-Launch program that she helped bring to life recently. This program brings together mentors and mentees, providing a platform for support and growth. The success of this initiative, evident in the positive feedback from participants, underscores the impact of Her Allies in creating real-world change.

The workshops she runs, particularly around demystifying HR topics like recruitment and compensation, have also become key highlights in her volunteer work. These sessions aim to equip women with the knowledge they need to navigate their careers confidently. The material in her workshops has been lauded for their helpful insights, reinforcing her role in fostering informed career decisions among women.

“My favorite moments are the ah-ha moments in the workshops I run. Whenever I deliver one, knowing that at least one person got something useful or helpful is why I do this work,” she shares.


Vicki’s experience of taking an eight-month career break in 2023 has enriched her understanding of the challenges women face when attempting to re-enter the job market. This personal insight has deepened her empathy and fueled her drive to support others facing similar situations. Juggling personal life, professional commitments, and volunteer work is a continuous learning process. She strives to align her activities closely with her values, ensuring that every effort is intentional and impactful.

Her message to those considering volunteering is clear: Her Allies offers many opportunities to make a difference if you feel a drive to support women in their career journeys. As a grassroots, volunteer-run organization, every contribution has the potential to foster significant change.

“If there’s a part of you who wants to help support women with their career journeys, come join us! We’d love to have you!”

As we celebrate Volunteers, we invite you to applaud Vicki Yang for her unwavering dedication and significant contributions to Her Allies. Her work enriches many women's lives and strengthens our community's fabric. If Vicki’s story inspires you, consider how you might make a difference by volunteering or supporting women’s empowerment. Together, we can continue to build a supportive and inclusive environment for all women. You can find Vicki on LinkedIn and through her company, Victoria Yang Consulting.

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